Why Consider Hiring Just in Thyme Personal Chef Service?

Grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up the kitchen after meal preparation can be stressful, taxing, and time-consuming for busy professionals or individuals with health issues or other challenges. On the other hand, eating too much take-out food or dining at restaurants is expensive, impersonal, unhealthy, and –- frankly –- a little boring.

What’s a person who is time-starved — but doesn’t want to starve — to do?

Here’s a solution that’s perfect for your life style…Just in Thyme!

Just in Thyme Personal Chef Service prepares affordable, healthy, delicious, and personalized meals in your home, stocks your refrigerator with your favorite ready-to-serve dishes, and leaves your kitchen sparkling clean. Chef Justin Rumsey is a professionally-trained, experienced culinary artist providing personal chef services to individuals and families in Chester County and surrounding communities. Call 610-496-3850 or e-mail info@justinthymepcs.com.